Ijji is portal with a lot of free online games. However, to a lot of these games you can buy some extra features – for ijji currency – G Coins. You can buy G Coin Cards, but we have generator and with it you can get G Coins for free.

G Coins you can use in all ijji games:

  • A.V.A., Karos Online, Splash Fighters
  • Soldier Front, Neo Steam, R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud
  • Gunz, HolyBeast Online
  • Lunia, Luminary

Our generator adding G Coins automatically – after click the button you will get G Coins in several seconds.

Ok, see instructions – how to get free G Coins:

  1. Download and run our generator
  2. Enter your ID and select amount of G Coins to add
  3. Click the button “Add G Coins”
  4. Wait several seconds
  5. Check your ijji account

G Coins are adding automatically and you can use it instantly.

Ijji G Coins generator is new and actually 100% working to generating G Coins, see –> virus total scan, generator is secure and clear.

check this in action

Download Ijji G Coins Generator:

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STEP 2: Download it
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