AP (Alaplaya Points) is currency in all Alaplaya games. With AP you can buy some features – avatars, gadgets, new items, hero cards etc. Here you can see games in which you can use AP:

  • Argo, Audition, Avalon Herous, Fantasy Tennis, Florensia
  • Forsakia, Loco, Racing Star, S4 League

Alaplaya AP Generator is simply tool to generating AP. You should have installed .netframework4 and system windows XP/Vista/7. With this generator you can get AP for free and very fast – you can generate AP in several seconds.

Instruction of generating AP for free:

  1. Download and run the Alaplaya AP Generator (links below)
  2. Enter your loginname
  3. Enter amount of AP to add
  4. Click the button and wait several seconds
  5. You should get AP to your account

AP will be add on your main Alaplaya account and you will be use it instantly on all Alaplaya Games.

check this in action

You can download it now, but before check –> virus total scan and see that it’s secure application.

Download Alaplaya AP Generator

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STEP 2: Download it
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