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Do you play massive multiplayer games (MMO)? If yes, you have probably seen a lot of tools which can improve your results in games, it

November 12, 2012 Games hacks
co-cpoints-epl-710 20 Champions Online ZEN Generator Overall Score

Champions Online ZEN Generator

Champions Online and Star Trek Online have finally change their currencies – from Cryptic Points to ZEN. Now if you want to buy some feature

July 15, 2012 Games hacks
bfnew 89 Play4free Funds Generator v2 Overall Score

Play4free Funds Generator v2

Today we released new version of Play4free Funds Generator. Our previous version has a lot of updates, but recently we have done some big changes

June 26, 2012 Games hacks
6_forum-herozerologo 16

Hero Zero – Donuts Generator

Do you play Hero Zero? It’s browser game where you can do missions, train your characters and challenge avatars. It’s for free, but it you

April 08, 2012 Games hacks
dofus 0

Ogrines Generator

Amazing hack to the Dofus and the new ankama game -> WAKFU. It’s generator of Ogrines – with this points you will can buy subscription

February 26, 2012 Games hacks
League_of_Legends_LOGO 1

Riot Points Generator (League of Legends hack)

We have very good news – we completed creating League of Legends hack and now we are releasing this on the site. It’s Riot Points

February 11, 2012 Games hacks
EdenEternalLogo 1

Aeria Points Generator (points hack to Shaiya, Eden Eternal and more)

Today we present you amazing app for all players who are playing Aeria Games. With the latest our tool you can generate Aeria Points for

January 23, 2012 Games hacks
14mtbgw 25 Play4free Funds Generator Overall Score

Play4free Funds Generator

Recently all Play4free games have got new currency – Play4free funds and now with this “points” you can buy some features in Play4free Stores. So…

January 22, 2012 Games hacks
Steam-Logo 1

Steam Free Coals – Holiday Sale

Currently on Steam we can compete in Steam Holiday Sale with a lot of gifts – games, discounts and more prizes. We should play games

December 26, 2011 Games hacks

TOP 5 game hacks

Check list of the most downloaded hacks. We have get pleasure from that you have downloaded Cryptic Points Generator more than 700 times and ZEN

November 14, 2011 About
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